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Here in Ottawa we had a weekly 2m PSK net (SSB). It was lightly attended, typically about 7 or 8 people. Coverage was the greater metropolitan area, which is probably what would be expected.

There were three issues that we noticed:

- Not everyone has a radio that's capable of 2m SSB. This fact limited net participation.
- Tiny errors that barely affect PSK on HF are magnified at VHF frequencies. If your radio has an error of 1 ppm (i.e. a pretty good radio), that's going to put you out 10 Hz at 30 meters, 14 Hz at 20 meters, but 145 Hz at VHF freqs, and 440 Hz at UHF freqs. It was amusing to see everyone with the same dial frequency taking up spread all over the waterfall. An older radio with 4 or 5 ppm error can be out 700 Hz at VHF frequencies, making PSK with such a radio much more of a challenge.
- Related to the previous point, stability issues are also magnified. Tiny errors that cause a few Hz of drift at HF, can cause quite a diagonal trace at VHF and UHF frequencies.

Eventually our net died out. It was attended by regulars and people went back to HF.

73 de VE3OIJ

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Can we have a small discussion or can you direct me to a decent site that
can explain 2m PSK to me. Maybe my mind is wrapped around HF and long
distance DX'ing working all the modes. Is 2m PSK simply local PSK? I think
of handie talkies when we talk about 2m and I've listened on my 2m and 70cm
band here in my hometown of Salt Lake City and I do not find PSK data

- -
73 de Bryon/W7RIV

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