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Thanks for all the great suggestions. The APE will only be the major part
of a Saturday and maybe half a day on the Friday before. I'm still unsure
if I can stay as long as Sunday. We'll have to see on the conditions and
the availability of the cabin. I will be in the woods with AC Power on the

I thought of a G5RV but I'm really new to amateur radio, I took my tests at
the end of 2011. I'm still a little uncertain on how the Dipoles work. I'm
a smart guy, I'll figure it out. I thought this might be a good way to
figure that out. I will be in a cabin in the woods with AC power. So that
will be a bit of a luxury for me. I planned on running an extension cord to
a tent/canopy by the lake and operate from there.

I use a Cushcraft R8 at home and I'm also looking to improve that. Another
reason I wanted to start playing with antennas early. The hamsticks seem
very compact, how well do they work? I've heard good and bad things about a
buddipole so honestly I wanted to stay away from that. Seems like the
hamstick on a riser of somesort connected to a tripod would be easy, would
I get a better signal with some of these other suggestions like the Black
Widow Vertical or AD5X vertical?

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73 de Bryon/W7RIV

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I did my first APE last year -- and it was actually a driving reason for
getting to be mobile/portable-capable ...
I don't intend to do a lot of mobile/portable operating, so this was mostly
for proof-of-concept rather than best antenna/power source/etc .. But it
was easy, cheap, and fun!

For antenna, a 20M hamstick mounted on the back of the subaru wagon hitch.
~$20 online (mine came from High Sierra). I've since gotten the 40M & 17M
hamsticks, too, and the quick-disconnects.

For power, got a 8Ah battery, also ~$20 online .. this lets me do mobile,
too (didn't have an easy/non-intrusive way to wire directly to car
For the APE, i actually ran on house power -- just sat inside, and ran coax
out to the car. (also can't put antennas up at that location, so hamstick
on car works great)

Only have one rig ... to make it easy to just literally pick-up-and-go, for
either home-qth-base-station, or mobile, or portable, i mounted it to a
custom wood box, and it drops into a heavy-duty plastic case. Here's my
writeup of that project:
Only real cost was the orange box for ~$30.
The digital & CAT interfaces are in the wood base.

070 #1041

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I just posted some pictures and building instructions for an antenna that
I built and have thoroughly tested in my back yard, for portable
use. It's in the FILES section, "Black Widow Vertical". It was designed
one of our own, Ed, WA3WSJ, 070-295, who knows more about portable op's
than anyone I've met thus far. He's authored books on portable op's. The
antenna covers 20, 30 and 40 meters and radials can vary from 6 for fast
put-up and take-down to 36 for an extended operation. With the exception
the MFJ telescoping pole, it was all built from parts in my junk box.
It's just another idea of what you can/could do for an APE operation.

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Hello everyone. I'm a new member (070# 1481). I learned about the club
through PSKFest and I had a lot of fun. I've since emailed with a few
people and even had one of my first QSO's with W1IPS and a few of you
the PSKFest.,

I have since found out about APE and I'm very excited. I've started
plans. I know of a great place in the woods about 40 miles of Salt Lake
City, Utah in the Rocky Mountains. I've started reading all the
the past APE's and I would be interested in what a easy to use,
and low cost antenna would be to activate with in August.


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73 de Bryon/W7RIV

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