Re: K KN SK Preference NOW QRT

ve3oij <ve3oij@...>

With all due respect, if an email thread getting *VERY SLIGHTLY* out of hand is all it takes to make someone leave the group, then such a hyper-sensitive person has my heart-felt best wishes for their future endeavours, and my sincerest hopes that they can find some other activity that better suits them.

Because if their skin is that thin, they weren't really into the group anyway.

Nobody should be held hostage to the most sensitive people. While I agree that heated threads should have limits put on them, let's do that because we've beaten the topic to death, not because someone took their ball and went home.

73 de VE3OIJ

--- In, "Mark Crosbie" <N8MNI@...> wrote:

Hello folks,

We are beginning to step on some toes with this topic. We now have members
leaving our group. So lets please squelch this topic now.

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