Christmas & New Year's Drinks

Mark - N8MNI

Crown Royal & Ginger
a.. 1 oz. Crown Royal Deluxe
b.. 3 oz. ginger ale
c.. 1 lime wedge
a.. Add Crown Royal Deluxe and ginger ale in an ice-filled highball glass.
b.. Garnish with lime wedge.
Fruit Cocktail
a.. 1.5 oz. Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Flavored Vodka
b.. 0.5 oz. peach schnapps
c.. 1.5 oz. red grape juice
d.. 0.5 oz. pineapple juice
Combine all ingredients in an ice-filled shaker.
Shake well.
Strain into an ice-filled collins glass.
Garnish with an orange wedge, strawberry slice, and/or raspberry.

Spiced Cider
a.. 1.25 oz. Captain Morgan Original Spiced
b.. 6 oz. apple cider
Add Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum and apple cider.
Serve cold over ice or hot in mug.

Fluffed Cocoa
a.. 1 oz. Smirnoff Fluffed Marshmallow Flavored Vodka
b.. 10 oz. hot water
c.. 1 Hot Cocoa Mix
a.. Mix ingredients together in a coffee mug.
b.. Garnish with marshmallows and grated nutmeg.

ed Cocoa

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