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Mark - N8MNI

I was wondering one thing about K KN SK, plus other prosigns and Q Signals. Does anyone know where it is written that it must be done a certain way? I thought that operating practices were just general guidelines. I mean what is the big deal if someone signs sk sk sk at the end of a QSO, or sends RYRYRYRYRY before sending PSK. Maybe this op is an older ham that use to run teletype (RTTY) all the time and is just getting started in PSK. Yes, it may not be common practice to send RYRYRYRY or VVVVVVV at the start of an exchange in most modes today. But that may have been common practice back in the day. If I was picky about every little thing in PSK. I no longer would be enjoying this wonderful mode. I was always taught use plain text. Rather than use QRL, ask "is this frequency in use" after listening on a frequency. Personally I feel that as long as I can copy the other hams callsign, name and report. I don't care how he formats his macros, or types in the information. Just remember that amateur radio is only a hobby. It is suppose to be fun. Also, we was all new to this mode at one point. Now think about this for a minute. When you kids, grand kids, or great grand kids get involved in amateur radio 15 - 20 years from now. How will the format of the QSO have changed? Look at the way they text today.
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