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Mike Flowers

We are, after all, 'Amateur' operators .

- 73 de Mike, K6MKF

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Everyone's different, and far be it for me to tell others how to operate.
BUT, WHY do some stations sign K K K? or KN KN KN? or SK SK SK? Ya know
what? It's poor operating practice.

That's an interesting point, Milt. Repeats can be an odd thing.

When I turn it over to another station during a PSK QSO, I often sign KN KN,
especially during the "early" overs before we've gotten signal reports
exchange (although signal reports seem to always be the inevitable 599, but
I digress). When I complete a QSO I most often sign SK SK.

MY thinking was that this is an attempt to ensure the other station gets the
message. There's little worse than two PSK stations who are "out of sync"
due to QRM/QSB... both listening or both trying to transmit. Thus my repeat
KN when turning it over on PSK.

I think that CW QSOs are different in that operating CW most folks operate
QSK, so you can HEAR the other guy... between words if not between
characters. In PSK, that's not the case.

I'd love to hear additional feedback on this practice from the experienced
operators among us: OK to repeat prosigns such as K, KN, SK during PSK QSOs?
Or Not Best Practice to repeat these prosigns?

As an aside, wouldn't it be nice for those of us in the 070 club to put
together a collection of "Great PSK Operating Practices"? I see sooo much
"unusual" operating on the bands... but perhaps that's a topic for another


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