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Peter you bring up an interesting example. I a CW op.
Everyone's different, and far be it for me to tell others how to operate. BUT, WHY do some stations sign K K K? or KN KN KN? or SK SK SK? Ya know what? It's poor operating practice. When W6QE turns it over to another station, "K" is all that's necessary. If you're the only station I want to come back, I'll say "KN". Not K K K or KN KN KN. When I sign with a station, it's SK, not SK SK SK.
It just doesn't make sense or is it good or acceptable operating practice. "K", "KN" & "SK" are cw prosigns. Take a suggestion from a cw op, and clean up your macro's?

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How many PSK ops understand QRL  ???   Bet not too many.
You're right. What was I thinking? :-) Kind of a sad commentary, if you ask me.

I remember another thread (on a similar list) where several digimode ops didn't know the prosigns K and KN meant different things.

And I'm not even a CW op,


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