Re: Updated PSK31 Linux software released

Dave Kjellquist, WB5NHL

Hmmm....Looks like Digipan to me Dave. So tell
us what's the advantage of
Linux over Windows, anyways? Jay N3DQU
You know how to punch my button Jay <grin>. Actually
your comment on it looking like Digipan is some what
a compliment since so many have gotten used to
Windows look and feel.

But just a couple of items for Linux and hamming.
Hamming with Windows is like buying a car (and an
expensive one ) with the hood welded shut or maybe a
Japanese transceiver (remember the good old days of
Heathkit). Heathkit didn't really work any better
than Drake or Swan etc. But who hasn't enjoyed the
satisfaction of completing a kit or getting in the a
voltmeter and fixing/modifying a unit.
When did you last reboot your Windows computer
because it locked up, yesterday or the day before? My
Linux machine runs weeks (24/7) and even then either
I'm changing a h/w item or I'm just lazy. Computers
with real operating systems don't need rebooting. My
firewall running on a 486-33 and a single floppy
version of Linux runs months unattended (no monitor
or keyboard).
So what about an office suite? Linux now has
OpenOffice ( that even has
corporations switching off MS Office.
Right now the biggest limitation to ham operation
IMO is logging software. Nothing currently compares
with the commercial Windoze s/w. There are some good
starts like xlog and myvrlog but they have some way
to go. Luc, LX2GT in his spare time (when he isn't
keeping Ernie and I keep straight) is also working on
a logger.

But having said all this and much more what is the
real bottom line for hamming with Linux?? It is fun!
It is the same fun from building up a PSK-20 getting
it on the air and saying I built it/ or wrote the
code. If you are content with buying a xcvr from
Japan plugging it into a sound card, and unwrapping
some software... go to it. But if you like getting
under the hood with a voltmeter etc linux, kpsk and
other development efforts have something to offer.

Pardon the long winded answer. Hopefully I won't get
too many flames from the Windoze supporters hi hi.

73, Dave

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