Re: ...where a microphone is a great doorstop!

John Penezic <ag4cz@...>

Gee y'all gonna embarrass me. Actually glad to see the response to the forms. It is actually kinda fun putting them together. Hope they prove to be helpful for everyone else. I sure enjoy being able to pull them up and see exactly where I stand and what I need, without searching the logbook and sorting stuff out, and comparing to criteria, and get the idea.   
While it is true that you won't find me on any of them fone nets, you may occasionally hear my voice during a contest (after I get all the cobwebs out of the mic). I do sometimes make the PSK nets on 40 though.
Jay, you must have been watching when I got my 300 sticker. It was awful embarrassing when the neighbors came out and saw me chasing the xyl around the backyard. Especially when I tripped up in the radials laid out in the yard. hi hi.
If anyone has an idea for a web form just let me know.
Well have fun with 'em and where is everyone on the WARC bands????
John AG4CZ

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