Re: 30 meter noise

Steve W3HF

Hi All,
I put another fw loop in the attic today. This time made from coax.
Still getting what I thot was power line noise. Turns out the noise
is from the video card in the station PC. If I let the Green Machine
timer shut down the video to the monitor, the noise disappears. If I
disconnect the VGA cable at the PC, the noise goes away. Only problem
is, once the video is gone, I can't work PSK. This seems to happen on
30 meters, and on 6 if I turn the quad toward the shack.

Speaking of a fw coax loop, has anybody ever tried making a full wave
shielded loop (like they make for RX) that you can TX on?

Any ideas? Any one?

Jay - AA8QQ
Jay -

Try running a different video mode, i.e., a different resolution.

On my machine here, I use 1280x1024 most of the time, but have to
switch to something else when I work 15m, as the hash is in the
PSK band.

You can use a System Tray utility to switch the mode on the fly,
without a reboot. Takes me about 20 seconds. (I do it while I switch
the antenna and tuner.)


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