Steve W3HF

Well it looks like the idea of a DE-xpedition is a popular one. (My
thanks to Brian N7XB for the name.) So planning will commence.
Here's the plan so far.

1. I'll probably start heading down towards DE around 1630z on
Sunday, 8 Sept. It should only be a one-hour drive to hit the border.

2. I have located a few parks within a couple miles of where US Rte
202 enters the state. I hope to find one with an acceptable
operating location pretty quickly after arriving in the state.

3. This, I hope, will put me on the air around 1800z.

4. Equipment will be the same as my APE to NC: Yaesu FT-817
(five watts), Toshiba laptop running DigiPan, homebrew vertical.
Note that I wasn't able to find a good SWR match to the antenna
on 80m or 10m before, so unless I can fix that, I will likely only be
on the bands that worked well on the APE (15, 20, 30, 40).

5. The time from 2000z to 2400z is the QRP ARCI PSK contest,
which runs only on 20m, so I will be exclusively on 20m for those
four hours. I hope to find many of you during that time, even if
you've already worked DE before (or even worked me earlier in the
day!) I intend to make a serious entry in the contest, and I hope
that my rare location (and all my 070 friends) will help me out a bit.

6. Prior to the contest, I'll rotate through the other bands available
to me. Unless someone has a different suggestion, I would suggest
the following schedule:

0-15 minutes after the hour: 20 meters
15-30 minutes after the hour: 30 meters
30-45 minutes after the hour 40 meters
45-60 minutes after the hour 15 meters.

Note that this means the first 20 meter session might not start on
time if I don't get set up quickly. But I'll have four hours on 20m
later that I hope will make up for it.

I'll try to stick around for a while after 2400z to work the low bands
(30 and 40), but I don't know how long I'll be able to stay. Some
parks have a closing time at sunset, so this time is at risk.

7. I'll be using the callsign W3HF/3. Unless there's some really hot
DX I hear, I'll probably just call CQ. Please look for me, and feel
free to spot me on the 070 reflector and/or the clusters.

8. If the bands are open, it shouldn't be hard to find my signal on
15, 30, or 40--there just isn't that much activity. On 20m, I'll try to
stay on the high end of the band (14.072 or so) most of the time,
so you will know where to look. Of course, I may jump around a bit
during the contest ("search and pounce" approach) if the response
to my CQs drops off.

If you have any questions, suggestions, or whatever, please let me


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