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Well said, except that US Hams can't change their entries on QRZ; they are
based upon the official FCC database, and that is usually based upon your
official name. So if your first name is William, even if you prefer Bill,
it is likely William in the FCC database, and thus William on QRZ.

It would be nice if QRZ allowed us to change at least our first name.



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Personally, I let the DB lookup fill in the name. I figure that if people
are genuinely concerned that other people will get the wrong name from a
database, then it's up to the individual to ensure their name is correct in
the database, not blame database users for using themselves of the
information available.

If I see a person's name is different than the DB entry, I'll go up and
change it most of the time, but if condx are marginal, I might not see it.

I really don't care what people put in the name field for me, it's the
callsign that's the relevant bit. I've seen people try the Fubar trick, and
I *always* let it go and don't say a thing.

Obviously this matter is very dear to some of you, which forces me to ask:
why are your names not correct in the database. Rather than berating other
amateurs, your energy would seem to be better spent correcting the database.

If your driver's licence had the wrong name, you'd change it, yes?

Just a thought.

73 de VE3OIJ

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While I'm on a rant.... worked two Italian stations in a row yesterday
and gave my name as "Jerry" ... both came back with "Jerald" from database.
Makes you kinda wonder if these were automated QSOs, huh ? Maybe I'll repeat
their names back in a different form like "Fubar" and see if I get a rise
out of them ! :-)

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I know many ops just don't care but I am with
you, My given name is Robert, been called Bob my whole life. When the
come back with Robert I know it is an op on autopilot.

Bob N3PPH 853
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