...where a microphone is a great doorstop!


The next time you're out surfin the web, check out AG4CZ's website at <
http://www.qsl.net/ag4cz/ > ...John sez his amateur station is the place
"where a microphone is a great doorstop". ..Hmmm, don't think we'll be
hearing AG4CZ checkin' in on them 20m fone nets anytime soon hi! But he does
do the 070 Club proud when it comes to web forms tho. Click on that "PSK
Clubs and Awards" folder and there you will see "endorsement trackers" for
those little orphans like the Maple Leaf, Wrk'd All Oz and the China Clipper,
all endorsements that have yet to be claimed by anyone. This is a really neat
way to keep track of your progress towards these critters. To use John's
endorsement trackers, you have to have your computer cookie-enabled. Then
when you type in the callsign data, it will be stored as a cookie on your
computer. When you finally have the form filled out, then you're ready to
send that log data in to N3DQU! Then and only then may you commence to
jumping up and down like a crazy person, screaming and yelling, laughing
hysterically and chasing the xyl around the backyard naked yelling "Da man,
I'm da man!". ...Well, one can only imagine! Anyways, I especially like the
way John has the China Clipper endorsement tracker set up...wonder if anybody
can work them in order from California to the Philippines? BTW John is also
the guy responsible for the 070 Club on-line application program, a very nice
job. While you're at John's website, check out some of the other stuff he has
there too, like interface information, a quick and easy vertical with 20
radials (!), just to name a few. Well, in closing I'd just like to say "Hey
John, you da man!" 73 de Jay N3DQU.

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