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Hi Steve,
Really neat program, I have linked your friend on my LINKS>Contest &DX

He is asking for a writer to help him out and do a tutorial on it. Jump
in there Steve. 73 Ernie

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Hope you guys don't mind, but I agreed to give a little publicity to a
program a friend of mine wrote. If you are offended by the mention
of a commercial product, please forgive me and delete this
message immediately.

The program is called DX Atlas and it's a computerized map for the
DXer. It includes rectangular and azimuthal map projections, can
instantly zoom the map and change its center, plots prefixes on
the maps, shows CQ and ITU zones, calculates antenna bearings
and distances (short and long path), shows the gray line and
sunrise/sunset times, and much more.

You can find out more about it at

It's shareware--US$29.95 to register, but there's an introductory
price of US$23.95 through this weekend.

Thanks for looking.


Formal Disclaimer: Although I do not receive anything from the
sales of the program, I did write the help files, and received a free
copy of the program in return.

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