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Bernie <kf4fhs@...>

Hey Steve,

Thanks for getting the information on the IOTA's.

Melonie did make some contacts using my call, but those were kept in a
seperate log. All of the contacts that are posted on the website were made
by me.

Thanks Again Steve & 73,
Bernie / KF4FHS

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Here's the formal ruling from "Mr IOTA" himself. As we had
expected, none of our islands require any special validation.

Note that Roger also mentioned the IOTA rule that lets the operator
activating the island to count that island in his own IOTA totals.

Bernie--If Melonie operated under your call, you can't count any
island contacts she made in your total.

Finally, as expected, Roger pointed out the difference between
Duck Island (which counts) and Duck on Nags Head (which


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