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Steve W3HF

Here's the formal ruling from "Mr IOTA" himself. As we had
expected, none of our islands require any special validation.

Note that Roger also mentioned the IOTA rule that lets the operator
activating the island to count that island in his own IOTA totals.

Bernie--If Melonie operated under your call, you can't count any
island contacts she made in your total.

Finally, as expected, Roger pointed out the difference between
Duck Island (which counts) and Duck on Nags Head (which


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Hello Steve

Contacts by data modes are acceptable so long as they are not
aided by repeaters or satellites, and are not cross-band or cross-
mode. The islands activated may also count towards the home
individual scores of the US operators (Directory H.1.1).

As regards contacts with other islands made from these stations,
they may be counted for the normal single operator category award
(if the licence holder only operates and it is his home call) or,
otherwise, for a club category award.

None of these IOTA groups constitutes a "rare", "most wanted", or
"difficult" group, which would require special validation.

The islands you mention all count subject to your checking on one.
Duck Island is the island south of Roanoke Island - this counts.
Duck, the town on the long peninsula that runs through Corolla,
Southern Shores, Nags Head etc does not count for IOTA (my
brother visits this town quite often!). I mention this just because
there may be confusion that the long peninsula is an IOTA island,
hi! Please can you pass the word along as we want to avoid
problems with QSL cards wrongly showing an IOTA number.
Maybe you could let me know the answer.

73 Roger

Roger Balister, G3KMA
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Roger -

The PODXS 070 Club (www.podxs.com) has incentivized its
members to participate in mini-DXpeditions during this month of
August, to publicize the ability of PSK31 stations to operate from
portable locations. (We called this APE--August PSK Expedition.)
Seven trips were scheduled, although only five actually happened.
Four of these five operated from islands that are listed in existing
IOTA groups. (The fifth was from a river in Minnesota.)

As a very new participant in IOTA activities, I would like to
confirm (for the club members) that these four will not only count
for club purposes, but can be used as contacts for IOTA awards.
Specifically, I am trying to confirm my reading of the IOTA book
(11th edition) that none of these IOTA groups constitute a "rare",
"most wanted", or "difficult" group, which would require special
validation actions by the operator(s).

KF4FHS operated from Vashon Island, NA-065
W3HF operated from Bogue Banks Island, NA-112
AA8QQ operated (we think) from Duck Island, NA-067
K8IJ operated from Estero Island, NA-069

Thanks for any clarification you can give on this matter.

Steve Melachrinos

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