Re: IOTA & the Outer Banks

Steve W3HF

Does your directory have any information on who to contact, to find
this out ?

There are a few rules regarding what IOTAs would require formal
approvals. They include:

1. previously unnumbered groups
2. groups listed in the published lists of "rare" and "most wanted"
3. "difficult" groups, defined as islands with restrictions on landing or
operating an amateur radio station
4. "other, albeit less rare, IOTA groups activated by amateurs
cruising on small yachts"

None of the islands listed for the APEs meet rules 1 or 2 above,
based on the lists in the book. I don't think any meet either three or
four, either. So I think we're all in the clear.

The point of contact for clarifications on the above rules is Roger
Balister, the IOTA program manager for RSGB. I will take the
initiative to contact him with all the known IOTA APEs--KF4FHS,
K8IJ, W3HF/4, AA8QQ (maybe? depending on which island)--for a
"formal" reading.

BTW, if Dimitri had made it to NA-144, he would have come close to
requiring validation. The rules say any IOTA group that is currently
credited to less than 10% of the members requires validation. NA-
144 is sitting at 13%.


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