Cluster Posting "Warning"?

Steve W3HF

Something strange happened last night, and I'm not sure what it

After I found Don N3MK/0, I posted an email to the reflector (msg
#2602 at 7:03 PM EDT). I also posted a spot to the DX Summit
cluster a few seconds later, per Rich's suggestion. I know I did it,
because I saw it in the listing a few minutes later.

But late last night, I was looking over the spots, and couldn't find
my post! I even did a search using my callsign, and it wasn't there!
So I'm wondering what happened.

Does anyone know if someone "filters" the spots? For example, if
someone were to post an obscenity, or flame someone in the
notes, would the spot (eventually) be deleted?

I'm curious because the text of my note was "PSK31 070 Club
APE." Maybe I should have spelled out August PSK Expedition,
but that wouldn't have fit. (I was trying to get some publicity for the
070 club.) Do you think I may have been misinterpreted, that I was
calling our friend Don a simian?

I hope I haven't been blacklisted by the clusters.


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