Re: IOTA & the Outer Banks

Steve W3HF

Erika and Jay -

The 11th Edition IOTA book has more information.

NA-067 NORTH CAROLINA EAST specifically includes Baregrass,
Beacon, Big Swan, Browns, Cedar Hammock, Core Banks,
Cricket, Duck, Dump, Great, Great Marsh, Gull, Harkers,
Hatteras/Pea, Indian, Jacks, Kathryne Jane, Middle Marches,
Morgan, Ocracoke, Pifontary Isls, Portsmouth, Raccoon, Roanoke,
Sam Winter Lump, Sand, Shackleford Banks, Sheep, Shooting
Hammock, and Whalebone (Islands).

Specifically excluded are Bells, Big and Little Penguin, Bodie,
Durant, Grun, Headquarters, House, Nags Head, and Pond

So Nags Head does not qualify, probably because of the rule Erika

I had previously interpreted your 3 August announcement as saying
you would be operating from Duck Island, which does qualify. If
instead you meant a town named Duck, which is on Nags Head,
then it wouldn't. Sorry if I misled you.


P.S. If I had known that Harkers Island was in a different IOTA, I
would have gone there too for a day. It turns out that Bogue Banks
is the easternmost island in NA-112. But I have an aunt on Harkers
Island, a short 35 minute drive away. (It takes that long because
you have to get back to the mainland, drive 10 miles east, and then
come back out to an island.)

I'm sure I could have taken the portable setup there for an afternoon
for an APE-within-an-APE. Oh well, maybe next year.

Hi Jay and the islands chasers,

The NC island groups are listed as follows:

NA067 - North carolina State East include: Harkers, Hatteras,
Ocracoke, Portsmouth and
islands N and E of Cape Lookout

NA112 - North Carolina State West group include: Bald Head, Masonboro,
Smith, Sunset Beach
and islands west of Cape Lookout.

So it doesn't name Nags Head, it could be one of the smaller islands
N, E or W of Cape Lookout, but if you say it isn't an island maybe it
was never included. The rules say, the island must be separated from
the mainland at low tide at least by a minimum of 200 meters of sea,
measured at the narrowest point.

73's Erika/DL2AYL

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