IOTA & the Outer Banks


Hi All,
I have a question about the IOTA program. Maybe some of the IOTA chasers
could explain this to me?

I was under the understanding that Nags Head was the first "island" of the NC
barrier islands. On my APE, I drove from the peninsula to Nags Head. I
noticed something that I thought strange. The water that separates Nags Head
from the peninsula seems to have disappeared. There is nothing but dry land
there. No bridge, no sand bar, nada, save for a water hazard in the
Putt-Putt course on the west side of the road. So how does Nags Head qualify
as an "island"? Don't the Brits know about it? Or is this some sort of
Honorary island on the air?, once an island, always an island? What if it
goes the other way and the island disappears under the water? Do they still
call it an "Island on the air"? Or was I misinformed about the whole thing?

Jay - AA8QQ

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