AA8QQ APE trip


Hi All,
Here's all the stations I was able to work while on APE. I couldn't even get
on the reflector to tell everyone I was on. The only access number was
worthless, if it wasn't busy, I would get disconnected within a few sec's of
being logged on. I was running 65 watts to a top fed, vertical full wave
loop on 20. I tried 6 thru 17 with no traces on any of them. Seems all the
props were N-S. I can't believe Ernie couldn't hear me. By the way, the
hang gliding was great. It didn't interfere with the hamming. I was on the
air every nite and a few mornings. It would've been lots better if I
could've got one or two 070 members. Guess I should've taken the rig up on
the hang glider with me, hi. They wouldn't even let me take my camera along.
Must've been afraid of hijackings.


AB4AO 8/19/02 1857 14070 EARL Melbourne, FL
W5ZHI 8/19/02 2302 14070 Dick Albuquerque, NM
PJ2MI 8/19/02 2321 10140 José Curaça Neth.Antilles
VE2WP 8/20/02 2346 14070 Michel Quebec City
PP5TG 8/21/02 2224 14070 WALFREDO BLUMENAU

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