Re: Multiple Soundcard setting saver


In a message dated 8/15/2002 10:58:42 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

I use macros and this soundcard utility program to quickly set the
to the levels required by different modes .... it is called "quickmix".
Here is an unsolicited testimonial from a Quickmix user:

I have an FM receiver card in my shack computer and used to say "bad
things" everytime I had to redo the soundcard settings for Digipan. Now, ever
since I've started using Quickmix, changing soundcard settings is a snap! I
no longer say "bad things" and my wife and kids are not afraid to come around
me anymore when I fire up Digipan. Not only that, but my hair has started
growing back and my feet don't smell near as bad either! I recommend Quickmix
to all my ham friends! Thank you Quickmix! Mr. N*DQU, Pennsylvania.

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