Multiple Soundcard setting saver


Hi All,
Here's something that came across my desk this AM. Thought it might be of
interest to those who work more than just PSK31.

Jay - AA8QQ

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Subject: [PSK_VHF_UHF_HAMRADIO] Software to save your Soundcard settings
fordifferent digital modes
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 06:34:23 +0000
From: kb9umt <>

GM All:

Bob AA0BW brought up a good idea last night when we were playing
around on PSK and MFSK16. I told him that I hate when I switch from
PSK to MFSK16 because the MFSK16 program wants less audio in from the
rig/soundcard so I always have to change my settings and mess with
things to get it right and many times missing much of a first pat of
is tx. So Bob AA0BW said he just loaded a software program that will
save your settngs and you just save your soundcard settings for a
particular mode or software and name it (like ..PSK Setting, MFSK16
Setting, JT44 Setting or Maybe TX QRP setting.etc.). This really
would be handy and thought it should be shared with the group. Go
here and take a look:


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