Peter Baskind <pbaskind@...>

Steve, W3HF, is on 20m working folks right now. Sadly, I ain't one of them,
as the best copy I can get on my lame antenna is:

W3�94�ooks a ood, ,ab p3cT siet you hlt} ya qn |> o or l� us a. We're in
a beachOouse everlooktn. the oct n,g eo�sittina in an zr-conainweo:oo. T
eanoa �VA
ae1�DE N3UFR4 t N �

That won't do. But, maybe it will get better.

Peter, AG4KI

Peter Baskind, J.D., LL.M.
Germantown, TN
Voice: (901) 624-5295
Fax: (901) 624-6060

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