Re: New file uploaded to 070

Zoltan Bordas <borzol@...>


I posted a message on the mailing list BEFORE the notification regarding the
Rules file uploading. I included in that message the whole rules of the
contest (so is absolutely no state secret, hi hi - I am thinking how to
popularize it as much as is possible), but only in plain text format in
order to keep the message as small as possible, having in mind other's
access to the list, which maybe costs more if the message is large.
I have permanent connection at the office, so for me message size is not a
problem. As the formatting in plain text format is almost none, and I like
documents formatted with minimal aspect in order to be more intuitive, I
uploaded the file in Microsoft Word format, and who want to access it, is
more pleasant to read. And I uploaded and not attached to the message
because since few weeks attachments are not permitted. Why? To avoid virus
infections. Why? Because not everybody has or wants to have an antivirus
program installed on his computer.

I think an antivirus is a MUST on every computer connected to the net. It is
so "hard" to afford about $50 for this? I understood this few years ago, and
believe me, for us in YO (and maybe in other part of the world too) this is
more expensive (relative to other costs/incomes). But is much cheap compared
to an eventually data loss...

In final: I like very much the attachment capability of emailing but if this
is disabled, we use what we can... I don't know what is your problem,
because as I said before, I subscribed once to yahoo and had no problem
since then accessing files section.

So, again - everybody is welcome to the contest!

73 de Zoli / YO5CRQ

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