Re: Your thoughts...

Steve W3HF

On the subject of contesting, there are some who just can't get
enough of
contests, while there are others who say we have too many contests
already. What would you guys say to the idea of modifying the PSKFest
to accomodate the grid square hunters and the prefix hunters as well?
There are a couple different ways to do it, but I think it would not
be too difficult to do. Changing the PSKFest rather than adding two
new contests to the calendar may be the way to go....Jay N3DQU.
I like the contests, but find I can't take the time to enter them all

The idea of a combined contest sounds interesting. Let's kick
around some ideas.

1. Would participants be able to enter more than one category?

2. The exchange would have to include enough info for all
categories, like SPC plus grid square.

3. Or could grid-hunters use a grid square that was looked-up on a
web site like QRZ or WM7D (for US stations)?

Just a few quick thoughts ... I'm sure more will pop up.


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