Re: Your thoughts [on grid squares]

Peter Baskind <pbaskind@...>

How many of you would be interested in a certificate program
requiring PSK31 QSOs and collecting Grid Square Locators?
I am not sure how good an idea this might be...

As I have mentioned before, I am a 6m enthusiast. Of course, Grid Squares
are a big focus of operation on that band (100 confirmed gets you ARRL VUCC,

When 6m is in Season -- as it is now with Summer E-skip -- keeping up with
the paperwork for grid squares can get time consuming. Fortunately, since
my main focus is 6m when it's open and it's open only rarely outside the
Summer months, that's OK. 6m will be shutting down for the season in the
next few weeks, and I can spend more time on HF.

But, if I were chasing grids on any form of HF, the paperwork would simply
be too much. It's hard enough keeping track of whether or not I need DM-42
on one band; I really don't want to have to look for it elsewhere.

And let's not forget the expense -- I don't mind dropping a few green stamps
for rare DX grids on 6m. After all, one doesn't work Europe on 6m everyday.
But on HF? That's different entirely. That small wad of singles I keep in
my desk drawer for foreign QSLing wouldn't last long chasing

And, if there were a contest featuring the same data, would
you participate?
I might play at it, but that's about it. Of course, I am still holding out
for a 10m or 6m QSO party...

Peter, AG4KI

Peter Baskind, J.D., LL.M.
Germantown, TN
Voice: (901) 624-5295
Fax: (901) 624-6060

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