Re: IOTA credit for the 070 endorsement


In a message dated 8/8/02 3:27:56 PM Eastern Daylight Time,

To All APEs:

There is a (little-known?) rule in the RSGB IOTA program that lets
participants in a DXpedition to an IOTA claim credit for that IOTA,
based on contacts they make while ON the island. (This is their rule
H.1.1.) For this to be valid, I believe actual QSOs must be made, and
not just attempts.

In a "private letter ruling" (to use the legal phrase) last year, the
management of the 070 club (that's Jay N3DQU) informed me that I
could apply the same rule to my count of IOTAs for the 070
endorsement, based on my activation of NA-112 last summer. So those
of you that are operating from IOTAs during your APEs this summer
(Bernie, Dmitri, Chas, Jay) can claim credit for those IOTA groups,
both with the RSGB and with 070.

Yes, Steve speaks with straight tongue. I had forgotten all about
that....Jay N3DQU.

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