FYI: VK Digimode Contest


Email received fm Ian VK3VP RE: Digimode Contest -
Greetings Jay and many thanks for the email. Attached are the Rules and I
would be most happy if you could make them widely known.

The CW Operators' QRP Club based in Adelaide VK5 is sponsoring this event as
a trial venture into modes other than CW. We hope things go well and will
be glad of comments and suggestions for the future.

73, Ian Godsil VK3VP
WIA Federal Contests Co-ordinator
Phone: 0408-123-557
Contest Site:

Digital Modes Contest
7 September, 2002 0800z - 1200z
from Ian Godsil VK3VP, Contest Manager

Sponsor: CW Operators' QRP Club, Australia
Object: For amateur stations to contact as many other stations as
possible within a four-hours time-frame, using PSK31 or similar
computer-generated modes.
Date: First Saturday in September. 2002 = 7 September.
Time: 0800 UTC - 1200UTC
Bands: Any band suitable to the contestants. It is presumed that the
emphasis will be on HF bands (no WARC).
Modes: PSK31 or similar. Entrants may use more than one mode, but
CW, RTTY and Amtor are not valid for this contest.
Repeat Contacts: In order to make best use of bands, stations may be
contacted once per hour provided that such contacts are not consecutive.
Score: One point per contact. Five points per multiplier.
Multipliers: HF = DXCC entities once per band. VHF+ = each VK/ZL/P2
call area worked once per band.
Final Score is total QSO points X total multiplier points.
Logs should show all details of callsign, time, station worked, exchange.
Please use separate logs for each separate mode used.
Summary Sheet should show details of operator's name, callsign,
mailing address and claimed score.
Send logs by mail to: Ian Godsil VK3VP, 363 Nepean Highway, Chelsea, 3196,
Australia. Logs may also be sent by email to: <> All entries
to be received by Friday, 20 September, 2002.
Certificates will be awarded to the highest scorers in each DXCC country and
VK/ZL/P2 call area.
Comments about times, conditions, etc. for this inaugural event will
be welcome.

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