APE -- in December

Peter Baskind <pbaskind@...>


I couldn't get anything going for APE this month, but it looks like I'll
have something up for December.

I have reservations for 5 nights on Ambergris Caye (NA-73), Belize, in late
December. Operation, though, will be contingent on successfully getting a
V31 call, as Belize is not a CEPT signatory.

I would imagine I would be active on 20, 10, and 6 (if open). 6m would be
mostly voice, I assume. I don't have Belize on 6, so I would imagine a lot
of folks don't either. It's an easy single-hop E to the Southern US -- and
there may even be F2 around Christmas, if the SFI holds out.

Gotta get my paperwork to Belize City. I won't be in the City long, so I'll
have to do it by remote control. Wish me luck.

Peter, AG4KI

Peter Baskind, J.D., LL.M.
Germantown, TN
Voice: (901) 624-5295
Fax: (901) 624-6060

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