APE Announcement: August 23 - 31 BWCA canoe expedition

Don Snider

Hi All,

I'll be operating PSK31 from the Boundary Waters Canoe area in Northern
Minnesota from August 23rd through August 31st. Details will be posted
at www.n3mk.com in the next few days. Also, please see last year's PSK31
expedition posted at the web site.

Location: Boundary Waters Canoe Area starting in Ensign Lake
Operators: I'll be the sole operator

Equipment: FT-817, Warbler, Fujitsu Lifebook P, Emtech ZM-2 tuner,
ladder line fed Delta loop in the trees. Solar power provided by
Unisolar USF-11 solar panel. Batteries: Still working that out.

Bands: My primary operation will be on 20M but I may move around
depending on condx. All bands are possible.

All members of Expedition: Don Snider Sr., Don Snider, Jr., Mary Snider,
Ed Snider, Greg Snider, Bob Bulley, Michelle Bulley.

I'll probably be fishing by day and operating at night so please keep an
eye out for me in the evening hours on 20 meters. I'll also try some
early morning operation if conditions are good. I'll bring the warbler
with me for those who would like to try and make some warbler to warbler

Conditions for PSK31 in the BWCA are pretty rugged. Last year rough
portages and water took a toll on my equipment. I lost a hard drive, had
problems charging batteries, and even lost my only pair of glasses in a
lake. Still I managed 17 contacts and hope to make many more this year!


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