Re: Standard PSK Frequencies

Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

The thing I noticed is that on 40 Meters folks stay right at 7.035 and sit on top of each other, they don't budge I even hear Morse Code faintly. When 7.070 was the PSK hotspot for N. American stations, people drifted from 7.070-7.071 On 20 Meters people wander between 14.070 and 14.071, I have even workedPSK stations up around 14.072 sometimes when the bands are busy like during Field Day. Same thing on 30 Meters I see people drift between 10.140-10.142. Also during Field Day I NEVER drop my center frequency on 20 BELOW 14.070.5 because there are too many stations stepping on each other!!
I suspect come Field Day we're going to see stations pop u p on 7.070 again because 7.035 is still the world calling frequency and Field Day is just the
US and Canada.
Dave Wright wrote:

7070 has been the N. American standard whereas 7035 was more European
focused. I still see some activity around 7070, but with the large number
of Spanish-speaking hi-powered stations active around 7070 most evening,
most N. American PSKers seem to have moved to the 7035 area as well...which
is good, IMO, since now we are all around the same frequency rather than
being split between the two.


On Wed, Apr 7, 2010 at 10:41 AM, ve7axu <> wrote:

After five years of active PSK operations I have noticed gradual changes in
some of the frequencies in use for PSK. What are the frquencies in each band
that are now considered as the "standard" ones where I could expect to find

Particularly I notice that 40m seems to have shifted toward 7.035 but I
still see some operation at 7.070.

Thanks in advance for the advice.

VE7AXU (John #418)

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