APE's to Vashon Is.

bernie_kf4fhs <kf4fhs@...>

Hey Everybody,

Melonie and I will be going to Vashon Island, Washington, USI
WA060S, (sorry it's not an IOTA)tomorrow to start our APE

We should be setup and on the air by 21:00z 2-Aug.

We'll be on:

10m. from 21:00z - 22:00z 2-Aug
12m. from 22:00z - 23:00z
15m. from 23:00z - 00:00z
17m. from 00:00z - 01:00z 3-Aug
20m. from 01:00z - 04:00z
30m. from 04:00z - 07:00z

10m. from 16:00z - 18:00z
12m. from 18:00z - 20:00z
15m. from 20:00z - 22:00z
17m. from 22:00z - 00:00z
20m. from 01:00z - 04:00z 4-Aug
30m. from 04:00z - 07:00z

20m. from 15:00z - 18:00z

Melonie made a special QSL card for everyone who we log. To get a
peek at it go to:


Hope to see everyone this weekend.
73, Bernie-KF4FHS/P Melonie-KD7ORS/P

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