Re: fm n1zzz/mm

Pavanatti <cevada@...>

How can I make contact with Jeremy ???
Any one know ???
Internet ??? phone ??? PSK ??? if he arrive in Brazil make a call to me
my phone call is 272-3447 and city code 41 (curitiba)

PU5OPR - Nando wrote:'s an excerpt fm an e-mail i got fm Jeremy tonite:

Hi Jay, Hope all is well with you. FYI I will be in Ascension
on 22-24 June and will hopefully get a ZD8 license. I will be
on 15 mtr psk as time allows. I will also be in Brazil, so I
hope to eyeball with Nando PU5OPR while I am there. If we meet
up I will be sure to send the club a pic of the meeting.

I was able to do a bit of the contest, but I don't have
attachments on this email so I will send the log as body text.
Only 10 QSO's and they charge per byte so I hope that you'll
forgive me. 73 Jeremy N1ZZZ/MM

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