Daniel Severance

I never remember the 070 club website from various computers I use so I google 070 club.
One page I opened was callsign rules - I decided to read through it but I kept seeing this statement:

"Only contacts made by you (as the control op) operating a station licensed to you count towards your 070 awards."

Now, I certainly get the made by me part, and the control op part - but I didn't know I had any station licensed to me. I have equipment I own and antennas but as far as I know I've never received any license for a station - is this just an obtuse way of saying "using a station that you own" or is there some way that when I travel to Belize (or wherever) and rent the station there that there is an implied license of the station, or again does it simply mean I can count contacts there if I bring my own radio and antennas?


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