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David Westbrook

Looks like DigiPan is exporting a limited set of fields in the adif ... is
there an option for it to export more fields? The checker requires more
info, because it doesn't look up DXCC, State, etc from the callsigns (i
didn't want to re-invent that wheel, since the loggers all do that).

(i see in an older email from 1/13 that you'd gotten it to work before .. do
you remember what you did?)

For reference, the checker is looking for these ADIF fields:
band (i have as a TODO to calculate band from 'freq' if necessary)
dxcc -- the dxcc_id .. if there's a field that gives the prefix, e.g.
app_dxkeeper_dxccprefix, i can work with that, too
state -- for K/VE/VK awards
iota -- for the IOTA award
cont -- for the WAC award
gridsquare -- for the PSK Golf award


On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 8:11 PM, Justin Mattes--KC2GIK <> wrote:

I'm still getting "Missing ADIF Fields" what fields need to be filled|?

David Westbrook wrote:
It's still kind of in beta -- or alpha :) -- mode, but try out my 070
Endorsement checker at:

You upload your adif file, and it generates a report of your progress on
(most of) the endorsements, and includes the basic text details of the
matching qsos ... you may still need to tweak them after copy pasting
(different endorsements require slightly different submissions), but it
should make it go a lot easier & faster ...

any comments on how it works for you would be much appreciated!

(if it gives a "out of memory" error, don't worry -- i'll be able to
generate the report manually for you and will send you an email)


On Thu, Feb 11, 2010 at 7:20 PM, Chris_M <<>>

I am running Fldigi for all my Digital Modes which only puts out an adif
file how do I change the adif file to text or cabrillo file?
I understand that some changes were made sometime back on how to send a
back to the 070 Club

I have downloaded GENLOG and it looks like it will only put out an adif
file as well

Looking forward to the Valentine Sprint

N9JCA Chris 070 #797

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