Has .070 Been Abandoned On 40 Meters

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Hello Everyone,

When the broadcasts from EU stopped transmitting on the US SSB portion of 40 meters there as a great sigh of relief. That section of the band is now usable by hams, for the most part, although there are still some stragglers in the ham radio SSB sub band.

Simultaneously, for reasons that still mystify me, 070 was abandoned by PSK users. They migrated to the 038 area which was the EU Dx for RTTY. PSK is now ubiquitous there, much to the chagrin of CW ops. 040 was the QRP CW calling frequency for decades. They have migrated to 030 to get relief from RTTY stations on 040.

For a short time I found lots of EU DX from 072 to 074 but stations from EU are showing up in the 038 to 040 area of 40 meters now. Has there been a change in EU rules?

I also noticed that at the same time 070 was populated by Spanish SSB stations, (probably only one station) that parked itself right on 070 every night. (Easily heard in Florida)

My question is "Has 070 been abandoned officially or unofficially by PSK users, and why?"


de AA1IK/P

Ernest Gregoire

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