Re: 6m... that was fun.

Peter Baskind <pbaskind@...>

Okay, what kind of power and antennas were you guys running? I
have six meters on the radio, but only five watts. And unless I can
get one of the HF wire dipoles to tune on 6m, the only antenna I
have is an extended rubber duck.


I am an attic boy, like I understand you are. I have been able, though, to
squeeze a 3-element Cushcraft 6m beam up above the joists in the attic. I
rotate it on a $30 Radio Shack rotator. I generally run 100 watts, but
often work at 5, depending on the opening, whether I am too lazy to move the
antenna connection between the 817 and the 756, and how the mood strikes me.

But, of course, on 6m one doesn't need very much for sporadic E -- signals
get quite big. I have worked many guys running dipoles and QRP on phone.
In your case, perhaps a squalo might be a good option. M2 makes a nice one.
With signals running as loud as they were tonight, even at 5 watts, I would
be shocked if you couldn't have knocked out a dozen or more Qs.

6m... a really fun band. It's my favorite. But, it can be frustrating.


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