Re: 070 endorsements checker

Justin Mattes--KC2GIK

David,I uploaded my file and get a blank page. Yes it's in adi format

David Westbrook wrote:

More updates:

W6QE -- working -- you can view report now.
(needed bugfix for N3FJP's logger)
Note that the Golf award shows all 0, because there's no
grid info in the log.

KZ3T -- PSK Express is providing only basic info ... need dxcc, state,
etc as well.

KO4PU, AC5ZS -- MixW is not providing a dxcc id or prefix ... Can MixW
export that as well? Currently the checker is not determining
dxcc/grid/state/etc from the callsign (and i'd rather not re-invent
that wheel, since the logging programs do it).

LZ4BU -- out of memory ... looks like it can't handle 16k qso's yet
... on the to-do list to improve performance.

thanks again to all the testers!!!


On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 9:38 AM, David Westbrook < <>> wrote:
Have already had a few tests so far ...

HP2SM and K0ABC -- yours failed the first time, but I fixed the
bug (each log had a qso with a dxcc id set to 0, which cause it to
error out) and re-ran -- You can view your reports now.

W6QE -- it ran out of memory with your log :( .. i'll work on making
it more memory efficient ...

KO4PU and AG4QX -- looks like i need to tweak some things for MixW
and HRD logs .. i'll post back here when i've fixed it and
re-generated your reports.

thanks for the fast testing!!!

On Wed, Jan 13, 2010 at 8:48 AM, David Westbrook
< <>> wrote:
The recent discussions/improvements of the LONP checker have inspired
me to polish up a program I started a little while back for
fun/personal use ...

This will take your ADIF file and display the progress for all of the
endorsements listed here:

It's brand new and shiny, so please be gentle :) I've only tested it
with a small (200 qso's) file, and only generated from DXKeeper.
ADIF's from other sources would be much appreciated, so i can make
sure i'm parsing correctly. I'll keep an eye on it as people try it,
and try to proactively find/fix issues.

This is somewhat a proof-of-concept, but I hope that it's useful to
someone, and points out a completed or near-completed endorsement you
weren't aware of. There's an example report (my log) listed on there,
so you can see what the format is w/o having to upload.

Disclaimer: the criteria I'm checking may not be 100% accurate (e.g.
membership date logic isn't implemented, or there could be a bug!)
Everything from
<> or the
award manager or the LONP checker takes precedence -- this is not
intended to replace any of those.

Any questions/comments/suggestions/discussion are more than welcome!


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