Re: locator and states map

Steve W3HF

And if you want to print it yourself, you can download it from them at


If you want something moderately sized, Icom in the USA gives away 11x17in cardstock maps with a grid square map of the 48 states on one side and Alaska/Hawaii on the other. I picked one up for free at a hamfest over the weekend.

Here's someone selling one on Ebay fairly cheap:

Or if you emailed Icom America customer service and asked nicely, perhaps they might send you one.

--mark / K0ABC 897

From:ivor peters <m5ply@...>
Sent: Mon, January 11, 2010 2:06:05 PM
Subject: [070] locator and states map


hello all pskers.
help please.
where in the u.s.a, can I buy a locator
and states map.
iam looking for the ones you put on the shack
many thanks for your help.
best 73 ivor/m5ply/0292

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