Re: LONP Contacts

Mike Flowers

I believe you must start with contacts after both you and the other station
are 070 Members. For example, if you worked me before you were a member, it
wouldn't count. If you'd joined before me, and worked me before I became a
member, this would also not count.

You can check out all the rules here: - but at the
moment the site seems to be overwhelmed by folks uploading their PSKFest
2010 logs ... or some such ...

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 4:15 PM, John Netro-N9WVM <> wrote:

Do I only count 070 members from date I joined 070 or does it matter ? I
just wondered cause I know I will have some 070 members in my log before the
date I joined

Thank you

N9WVM, John

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73 de Mike, K6MKF

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