PODXS Class of 2002


Hi All,

Each year the president of PODXS is blessed with the chance to hand pick a
few hams to become Honorary PODXS members. These selections are based on
their (non-monetary) contributions to the art of amateur radio. This may or
may not be associated with PODXS or the 070 Club. As this years president, I
am proud and happy to announce the Class of 2002. They are:

KF4FHS - Bernie Leonard
for his management of the Low band sprints and the 070 SWL program


K8IJ - Charlie Trice
for his management of the LONP Award and his sage input to the rest
of the PODXS gang.

Thanks to both of these Amateurs for their commitment and dedication to this
great hobby. They will each receive a Certificate of Membership and are
afforded all the rights of Honorary membership in the Penn-Ohio DX Society.

73 to all, and thanks again to Bernie and Chas,
Jay - AA8QQ Pres. PODXS

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