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Milton Garb <w6qe@...>

I agree, Chas., K8IJ, has a lot to do, and anyway you and the rest of us can make it easier and quicker is good with me.
You might try emailing KH6CW, op. Harry, to set up a sked? I'm not positive about eQSL, but I know he uses LotW.
Another is KH7S, Bro. Russ. A good guy.
Both are quite active on psk31.
Thanks for YOUR efforts with the LONP checker. It's both found new ones that my manual system has failed to find, and
pointed out contacts I thought were eligable, but were in fact psk63, and not eligable for LONP.
Thanks again es Seasons Greetings,

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On Mon, 2009-12-28 at 14:45 -0500, Darrell Frappier wrote:

> You have truly made it possible for me to upgrade my LONP attainment.
> I would not have bothered without your tool. And I am very much in
> favor of trying to cut the work load for Charlie. A big thanks to
> both of you for the time and effort you put in for the club.

Well, I'm glad it's working out for everyone.

I built it for myself because the online went down and I wanted to go
for LONP myself. And it's hard to do without some way to figure out
where you are in the process. I thought I had achieved it but even then
I wasn't sure. But once I got my LONP checker running I found I had more
than enough by about 20.

Anyway, It's a fun pursuit and that's what this hobby is all about!

So, let's have fun!

Now, If I could just get Hawaii on PSK _and_ do eQSL, I'd be set for WAS
PSK-31. I've gotten several Hawaii stations, but none of them would do

That and I gotta get my Hex Beam finished and up in the air.

So much to do, so little time...

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