GAZETTE Newsletter


Date: 7/20/2002 9:35:10 AM Eastern Daylight Time

GAZETTE Newsletter #126A

There has been so much input from #126, it seemed appropriate to send a brief
follow-up in order to bring all up to date.

1. Contesting software for PSK31: Jan WB6VRN suggests anyone interested look

2. Bill NA2M reminds me that the Synergenics address is
(How can I read that on my original note and yet type .com???)

3. Steve K4CJX updates us on Winlink2000. It isn't Pactor II at all. Steve
says the binary protocol is F6FBB which is copyable using Airmail. It is
there for
the voyeur!

4. It's official! Many (!) offered evidence that the ARRL newsletter let it
be known that P5 is now an official DXCC entity. Thanks all.

I've changed the NL copy on the GAZETTE site by the way.

73 de Jim N2HOS

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