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Subj: GAZETTE NL#126
Date: 7/19/2002 5:57:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: mortjame@westnet.com
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Newsletter #126
20 July 2002

Please feel free to forward this newsletter to any and all interested
parties, or to reproduce it in
any publication. All we ask is that you give credit where it is due.

Short Notes: The ARRL has apparently (though not yet officially) declared P5
to be a legitimate DXCC entity. A lot of RTTY DX-ers are dancing in the
streets over PT5/4L4FN for there has been a lot of activity from there in
recent months. The country count for those real heavy hitters (like 320
or more) will all inch up another notch.

One such friend is Tapani OH2LU who Emailed that he now has 332 countries in
his bag. And he has another one in the backlog. But the PW0T cards
aren't out yet. With only eight to go, Tapani (maybe a bit conservatively)
estimates it will take eight years to get the rest of them. There is one
though. There might be another eight new ones before the eight years pass us
by. Hi! In any event, Bon Voyage, Tapani!

If you go to the GAZETTE DXCC page, you'll notice a few more changes in the
top end of the list as well. Please keep in mind that our rules differ from
ARRL. They maintain a current politically correct list of DXCC entities. The
GAZETTE feels that a country worked is a country earned and, therefore, should
never be removed from your DXCC total!

Get your score in soon.

There's a lot of activity in these parts. Our New York house (yes, the one in
the valley with the copper-pipe dipole in the attic) has been sold. The
which will close on October 2, 2002, has been signed with no contingencies.
We will become full-time Floridians after that date.

So Gen and I are in full pursuit of the endless details surrounding a move.
Much of the activity focuses on getting rid of STUFF! I don't know where it
comes from but we have lots of it, even though we thought we had dumped all
of it when we moved up here back in 1994. STUFF grows like mushrooms in
the night!

One casualty will be my second radio station. There will be no further need
for the TenTec Pegasus, MFJ Portable Tuner, Rig Blaster and a Sony laptop
(PCG955A with a 10G drive, 190 RAM, nic, modem, floppy, CD-rom, 14" screen
and WinME). The laptop is a manufacturer's refurbished one and has run
perfectly for the year I've owned it. This is the ideal PSK31 station. Sorry,
but I can't ship the copper tubing that makes up the dipole. Hi!!

I'm not going to list the gear on the ARRL website for a while. If you're
interested in any or all of it, please let me know right away. Any offer

An unknown communicator sent me a message with no name or return address. It
doesn't happen very often but it is possible I guess. Presumably the
writer reads the newsletter. Anyway, he or she asks, 'Have you been able to
decode any Winlink 2000 messages? They seem to use some form of binary
coding over pactor.'

I can only assume that the signal being tuned is Pactor II, one that can't be
copied with the older Pactor equipment. Anybody have any other ideas??
Maybe K4CJX or ZS5S (now back from a long holiday in the homeland) could
enlighten us all.

Other friends have been in touch as well. Crawford WA3ZKZ wrote to tell me of
my grievous errors in the column devoted to the game of soccer. In a
perfectly turned phrase, he informed me that I 'labor under a severe
misapprehension. That's doublespeak for WRONG!' Nice man, Crawford. He goes on
to talk of the last soccer game he went to, some fifty years ago (he's a real
fan!!). I bragged in the newsletter of soccer's level playing field. He told
me of
an island's (GD) soccer field that ran steeply uphill, one that was
distinctly muddy at one end. A coin toss determined the lucky bunch that
labored in the
muddy vineyard! He said, at the end, that he was sure I would appreciate this
bit of technical advice, and, of course I do. How could I forget? HI.

Crawford has just returned from a trip to Iceland, Norway and 'G, GW, EI and
FM, but had no radio on these trips.' Thanks for the note, old friend.

Contesters beware! Gerry WA9GON Emailed a note about PSK in Field Day 2002.
He's wondering if someone can write some PSK contest software in time
for FD2003! To date, says Gerry, most of the available software is designed
for ragchewing. He's right about that! This request for a different software
approach might just be the tip of the iceberg. Any programmers looking for a

Sandy N2SF and I were the first two guys to arrive at our Thursday morning
breakfast. After being laid up for a spell, his on-air activity has been cut
quite a bit. But, he started right in telling me about Synergenics and how
great it was as an alternate to radio. I knew something about it because Bill
NA2M had told us about his use of this new, new thing just a couple of weeks
before. It's no surprise that the Internet is involved.

Go to www.synergenics.com and download the program and give it a try. All you
need is a computer with a sound card and a mike and headset (20 bucks
at Radio Shack if you don't have one). You log in and, as you do, you find a
long list of others from around the world who have done the same. Click, and
you are in touch with any one you wish to get in touch with . . . and even
more than one if others join in. Some of the stations may be linked to the
Net via
their packet repeater, but I suspect most are going straight to their
Internet ISP. Sandy says that a dial-up connection is fine. You don't need
service to make use of it.

More later on this newest communication distraction. As soon as I get a few
more moving details out of the way (the garage is next) I'll do a write up. In
the meantime, try it and let me know of your experiences.

About six weeks ago I switched forever from Internet Explorer and joined the
ranks of happy MOZILLA users. This free program (www.mozilla.org) uses
the same engine as Netscape but they deliver a much more logical, usable
program, one that has worked flawlessly from the very beginning. It's a big
download for the non-broadband crowd (about 10MB) but it's worth it. It's a
great browser but it's real strength is in its mail program. I've tried them
and settled on Eudora mostly for the last several years. But with each
passing month the program was giving me more and more trouble. No troubles

When you install the program, it picks up your address books so you don't
have to import, translate, gerrymander or rebuild a new list. It saves new
addresses as well. And it works without a hitch. Give it a try. I suspect
you'll switch as well.

There's more but I'm out of space. Hi! Next time, info about the 070 Club
from Jay N3DQU

73 de Jim N2HOS
GAZETTE at www.n2hos.com/digital

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