Re: 070 Club logo


In a message dated 7/18/2002 8:44:38 PM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:

Ok tried to covert to bmp and sent a copy to Jay Just waiting for opinion
and if ok can do it in different sizes

I did it with paint shop pro 7 and made it larger before I converted to bmp

I have two sizes one being 10k (48 x 78 pixels 72 per inch) and the other
200k (210 x 333 pixels 72 per inch)

lets hope it passes the test

waiting on you Jay

The large .bmp prints pretty good Stu, even after I shrunk it down to an
inch high or so. The small .bmp you sent is pretty rough and not usable.
Also, Zoli YO5CRQ sent me a couple .jpg images of Rollo and they look pretty
decent too, altho the slashed zero didn't parse well on his computer. The
colors are just a little off, as his fur is more of a red color, but the
resolution is there and doesnt look too bad printed out. So looks like the
members have their choice of .wmf, .bmp or .jpg versions....Jay

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