Re: [PSK-TARA] Reminder - San Andres on the air

Steve W3HF

I tried to get him (5K0Z) today. He would call CQ and say 5 UP, then
answer stations right on his frequency. He was all over the band.
Not sure who the operator was, but he should get his act together.


I watched him a while last night after I posted that message, and saw
the same thing. I saw Costas calling him up about 1 kHz, and then
he'd respond on frequency.

I am surprised at the "UP 5" note. 5 kHz is too much for PSK,
unless you are really using the split-frequency mode of your
transceiver. 200-1500 Hz is more reasonable.

It's a shame. We need some good DX ops to "train" the masses, by
imposing discipline. Alan KI7WO did very well on TI9M, but the
messages need to be reinforced by all the DXpedition ops.


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