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Steve W3HF

--- In 070@y..., "Richard B. Drake" <rich@w...> wrote:

Bring up the image in your VMF viewer and copy it to the clip
board. Then bring up MS Paint (delivered with every version of
windows) and paste it in. Then using "File/Save As" select jpeg
(jpg) as the file format and save it. Anyone can display jpeg.
Even I don't know what VMF is :-)

73, Rich - W3ZJ
Rich -

Been there. Done that. Doesn't work. The file is converted, but it
loses resolution, to the point where the words are unreadable. (Jay
and I went through this about a month ago.)

WMF is Windows MetaFile. It's a vector graphic, so it inherently
preserves resolution as it is scaled. But whenever I've tried to
convert it to something else (JPEG, GIF, etc) it gets hosed, no
matter what program I've used to open it or perform the conversion.
Jay had the same experience himself, hence his statements.


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