Re: VE3OIJ/W1 APE on 20m

Darin Cowan <pdcowan@...>

Yes, it was a hectic day at my Vermont location. I initially set up at
about 11 AM, but was getting close to zilch for propagation. It started to
pick up after lunch, and then rain moved in... since I was outside without a
tent or shelter, I had to scramble to power down and put a tarp over
everything. a while later the sun came out, so I was back at it, only to
have the next cloud come in and rain on me a while later. This went on for
some time... the disadvantage of being on a mountainside I guess.

I did manage to get 25ish (I haven't counted yet) contacts, including
Russia, Costa Rica and Cuba.

It turns out that I was operating about 25 km from W1/E74OF (not sure I have
the call right... Pedra is the name)

Sorry I couldn't get more, but the weather was not cooperating with me. I
may have to try it again in the future with a bit more planning and maybe
from a campsite rather than my in-law's yard :)

73 de VE3OIJ


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