Re: Using "Q"PSK?

Dieter, DL2RR <dl2rr@...>

Hi to all,

in addition to Steves notes it is to be said that the bandwidth of the
software in QPSK is usually reduced to 4 Hz (7 Hz at BPSK). Some, all older,
TRX are not stably enough to hold the frequncy during one over like my
IC735. In this case QPSK is a degradation for me. But with many idles
between the text there is a chance that the AFC can correct the drift. This
concerns both the sending and the receiving side.

73's de Dieter - DL2RR

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Sent: Sunday, July 14, 2002 1:30 PM
Subject: [070] Using "Q"PSK?

: Hello OM/OG Warblers-
: The past couple of mornings (around 1000z) has been difficult in terms of
: propagation from Europe into NA . . . signal fading with qrm have combined
: to make successful QSO's either "100% copy" or "nothing" . . . has anyone
: "resorted" to qpsk to alleviate the condition?
: In the past two years I have been active I have but one "arranged" qpsk
: QSO . . . which seemed to work a trifle better . . . but wondering "how"
: does one suggest or indicate to the other operator in the QSO to switch?
: I have tried several times with no success. Does anyone use qpsk on a
: regular basis?
: 73,
: John, K3NJ

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